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Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Frederick Air, Inc - Air Conditioing and Heating

Aeroseal of Maryland, a division of Frederick Air, is one of a few certified companies in Aeroseal air duct sealing and air duct diagnostics serving the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Frederick Air, Inc - Air Conditioing and Heating Most homeowners are unaware. 90% of all homes leak up to 40% of conditioned air through perforations, seams, and gaps in ductwork. Not sealing these leaks is like leaving your front door open all year long. That's a lot of wasted money.

In addition, duct leakage may cause uneven room temperature, excessive dust, or your furnace or air conditioner to run continuously.

Aeroseal uses a two step process

1. Diagnose and Inspect

Aeroseal performs a series of tests to determine:

  • how much air is leaking from ductwork
  • temperature consistency throughout your home
  • incoming air supply to each room
  • if your return air grilles are properly sized
  • if your fireplace or furnace could back draft
  • if your system needs manual repair

This scientifically based process evaluates the ductwork and provides specific recommendations to meet your individual needs.

2. Seal and Verify

The exclusive Aeroseal technology injects adhesive particles into the duct system. The adhesive attaches directly onto the edges of the holes, creating a seal without coating the ductwork. The results are verified and provided to you upon completion of sealing.

The air sealing system results are guaranteed for 10 years.

Don't just take our word for it!

“Duct leakage is a serious national problem affecting newer and older homes alike. Aeroseal's revolutionary technology improves the performance of your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump by as much as 40%” Dean Johnson Host of Hometime

“The Aeroseal process is an effective way to seal your ductwork, which can save you money and improve your comfort” Mia South Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Star

”Once the process was complete, the technician showed me the before and after and there was over an 80% reduction is leakage.“ Sherry Warther Homeowner, Indianapolis

Aeroseal can reduce duct leakage by up to 90%, reduce your energy use by up to 30%, and save you up to $300 a year in energy costs. Aeroseal has also been shown to dramatically improve comfort and homeowner satisfaction with their heating and cooling systems.

The measured result of a typical Aeroseal air duct sealing process is shown below:

Frederick Air, Inc - Air Conditioing and Heating A sealing certificate and a tightness certification are generated by the computer. The sealing certificate shows duct leakage amounts before and after sealing, as well a graph of the sealing process, plus overall heating or cooling capacity improvement. The tightness certification, affixed to your duct system, shows the tightness of the duct system after completion of the sealing process.

For more information go to www.aerosealmd.com

UL Tested, Certified Safety.

Frederick Air, Inc - Air Conditioing and Heating
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