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Frederick Air, Inc Blog

Why is it always so hot upstairs?

By Steve Schmidt | July 15, 2014

I get calls all the time from people who complain that the second or top level of their home is too hot! I know this can be incredibly frustrating. My first question is always, “how long has this been a problem?” If it’s a problem that has just recently surfaced; the system may be failing in some fashion that is preventing the unit from cooling the upstairs. You need a certified technician to come out and diagnose what could be failing in your system. If a hot upstairs has been an ongoing nuisance; then there is most likely an overall problem with the system or home design.

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3 No-Fuss Home Tips for Saving Energy This Summer

By Admin | Jun 30, 2014

With the (utterly understandable) trauma of spring cleaning still fresh in your mind, the thought of handling any home improvement in the hot summer months can seem like a sweaty bridge too far. Luckily, instead of watching helplessly as your power bill hits the sky on that first air conditioned day, there are three simple ways to help maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

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Frederick Air, Inc. Named Dealer of the Year

By Admin | Jun 18, 2014

We're happy to announce that Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, a leading supplier of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, has named Frederick Air as the 2014 Bryant® Dealer of the Year.

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Why AC Maintenance Belongs on Your Radar

By Admin | Apr 08, 2014

Spring cleaning lists can get long, but it pays to add one more item. AC maintenance can save you cold, hard cash in the long run.

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Thwart Dust Bunny Invasions by Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned

By Admin | Mar 06, 2014

Worried about the level of dust in your home? It might be time to get your air ducts cleaned.

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Stop Throwing Money Out the Window with a Home Energy Audit

By Admin | Feb 12, 2014

Find out why a home energy audit makes sense for saving your family money.

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How Long Should My Bryant Heating System Last?

By Admin | Jan 21, 2014

Many different factors can affect how long a heating system lasts, including the quality of the installation, the associated components and the level of maintenance. The amount of usage that your heating system gets has an impact on longevity too, as does the design, layout and construction of your home.

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Get to Know ERVs and HRVs

By Admin | Jan 14, 2014

Today's construction techniques make it possible to maintain higher levels of energy efficiency in a home. However this can also lead to a polluted home environment if you don't address the need for ventilation. How do you create an influx of fresh air without negatively affecting your home's energy…

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Should I Choose Oil or Gas Heating in Maryland

By Admin | Dec 11, 2013

If it's time to replace your home heating system in Maryland, you might be wondering about using heating oil vs natural gas. While each type of fuel can do an effective job at heating your house, there are significant differences between the two that you should know before investing in a new heating…

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High vs Mid-Efficiency Furnaces - Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

By Admin | Dec 04, 2013

With so many different types of furnaces on the market, it can seem like a daunting task to pick the best type of furnace for your home heating needs and your wallet. While price should always be a factor in your decision-making process, it’s wise to know the pros and cons of each before making a final…

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Winter Indoor Air Quality Tips

By Admin | Nov 29, 2013

During the winter months, most people spend the majority of their time indoors. If the indoor air quality isn't up to par, you, your family, and your guests could be exposed to unhealthy air that puts you at an increased risk for health issues. A low quality of the air in your home can also increase…

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Here is Why Your Furnace or Boiler Won't Start

By Admin | Nov 18, 2013

hile gas furnaces and boilers are efficient, they can have problems like any other mechanical system. When the temperature in your home drops below a comfortable level, you will wonder to yourself: why won't my heater turn on? There are several common reasons why your boiler or furnace won't ignite.

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Got Cold Rooms? Get Your Home Sealed

By Admin | Oct 15, 2013

re you plagued by high energy bills and cold rooms during the winter months? It may feel as if you are throwing money away as you struggle to stay warm, but there may be some easy solutions for the problem. Home sealing can solve some of these issues, keeping energy loss to a minimum.

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